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Easyjet Easyjet.Com® is a registered trademark used for Hair Care, Relaxing, Bleaching, Straightening and Styling Preparations and owned by easyGroup IP Licensing Limited. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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easyjet easyjet.com
Goods and/or Services:

Hair Care, Relaxing, Bleaching, Straightening and Styling Preparations

Skin Abrasive Preparations

Nail Care and Buffing Preparations




Scented Body Sprays




Skin Moisteners


Sun Screen and Sun Tanning Preparations

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Essential Oils For Personal Use

and Essential Oils For Use In the Manufacture of Scented Products Cameras

Computer Software and Firmware For Use In Database Management, For Use As a Spreadsheet and For Word Processing, All Relating To Travel, Education and/or Entertainment

Computer Hardware

Computer Games Software, Personal Radios, Personal Computer Hardware, Personal Cassette Recorders

Pre-Recorded Digital Audio Tapes Featuring Music

Video Recordings Featuring Films

Musical Sound Recordings

Video Cassette Recorders

Digital Audio Tape Players

Television Sets

Motion Picture Films For Entertainment Purposes

Photographic Slide Transparencies

Magnetic Coded Cards


Mouse Pads and Protective Clothing Jewelry, Clocks, Horological Instruments Namely Watches

Cigarette Lighters of Precious Metal Printed Matter and Printed Publications, Namely, Periodicals, Books, Manuals, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Brochures, Photograph Albums, Newspapers and Magazines, All Relating To General Interest Subject Matters Including Travel, Entertainment, and Current Affairs

Printed Tickets, Printed Vouchers, Printed Coupons

Playing Cards, Traveler Identification Cards, Printed Labels Not of Textile and Paper Tags


Postcards, Stationery, Writing Instruments, Wrapping and Packaging Namely, Wrapping Paper and Bags of Paper or Plastic, Calendars, Diaries, Mounted and Unmounted Photographs, Gift Cards, Greeting Cards, Printed Instructional, Educational and Teaching Materials, Artists' Materials Namely, Drawing Instruments Trunks, Travelling Bags, Purses, Wallets, Felt Pouches, Handbags, Luggage, Sports Bags, Backpacks, Umbrellas, Parasols, Harnesses, Saddlery and Travelling Bags Specifically Intended For Attaching To Bicycles, All Aforesaid Goods Made of Leather and Imitation Leather, and Animal Skins and Hides Board Games, Footballs, Basketballs, Baseballs, Rubber Balls, Beach Balls and Rugby Balls

Arcade Games

Christmas Tree Decorations

Scale Model Airplanes, Toy Scooters

Non-Motorized Scooters

Teddy Bears and Golf Balls Cheese, Butter, Yogurts and Margarine

Prepared Meals Consisting Primarily of Meat, Fish, Poultry, or Vegetables

Candied Fruit Snacks, and Fruit Snack Foods




Edible Oils and Fats





Fruit Sauces

and Preserved, Dried, and Cooked Fruits and Vegetables Coffee







Artificial Coffee





Baking Powder


Condiments, Namely, Pepper and Mustard

Vinegar, Sauces


Prepared Meals Consisting Primarily of Rice and Pasta

Wheat, Cereal, Rice, and Granola Based Snack Foods

Puffed Corn Snack Foods

Confectionary, Namely, Candy and Chips For Baking, But Not Chocolate or Chocolate Chips

and Flavored Ices Mineral and Aerated Waters


Fruit Drinks

Fruit Juice

and Syrups and Other Preparations For Making Fruit Drinks Alcoholic Drinks, Namely, Wines, Liqueurs, Alcoholic Cocktails, Prepared Wine Cocktails, and Potable, Distilled, and Brandy Spirits Cigarettes

Cigars, Snuff


Cigarette Lighters Not of Precious Metal

and Matches Advertising Agencies

Cooperative Advertising and Marketing Services

Publicity Agent Services

Dissemination of Advertising, Marketing, and Publicity Materials

Business Management of Retail Outlets

Business Administration, Namely Business Consultation For Retail Outlets

Business Management and Consultation

Purchasing Agent

Product Demonstrations

Retail Store Services Featuring Toys, Clothing and Stationery

Online Retail Store Services Featuring Toys, Clothing and Stationery

Mail Order Services Featuring Toys, Clothing and Stationery

Advertising Information and Business Information Services In Relation To the Aforesaid Services Via the Internet From an Online Computer Database

Licensing of Computer Software, Firmware and Hardware To Others

Hotel Management Radio, Telephone, Mobile Radio, and Telegram Communications

Television Broadcasting

Electronic Message and Data Transmission

Provision of Access To Computers and the Internet, Namely Providing Multiple-User Access To a Global Computer Information Network, and Communications Consultation and Information Services In Relation To the Aforesaid Services Via the Internet From an Online Computer Database Transportation of Goods, Passengers and Travelers By Air

Freight Transport By Air and Boat

Airport Check-In Services

Arranging of Transportation of Goods, Passengers and Travelers By Land and Sea

Airline Services

Cargo Handling, Baggage Handling, and Freight Brokerage Services

Arranging Travel Tours, Cruises, Excursions and Vacations

Chartering of Aircraft

Rental of Vehicles, Boats and Aircraft

Vehicle Parking Services, Namely Car and Aircraft Parking Services

Travel Agency and Tourist Office Services, Namely, Making Reservations and Bookings For Transportation

Travel Information Services In Relation To the Aforesaid Services and Information For Related Transportation Services Including Via Internet From an Online Computer Database

Information On Travel Providing Educational and Entertainment Information, Namely, Information Concerning Entertainment Events, Travel, History, Art and Current Affairs, Provided Online From a Computer Database or the Internet

Entertainment Services Provided Online From a Computer Database or Internet, Namely, Providing Online Computer Games

Educational Information Provided Online From a Computer Database or the Internet, Namely, Development and Dissemination of Educational Materials of Others In the Field of Art and History

Entertainment Services Namely, Providing Entertainment Information and Providing Online Games, and Amusement Services To Entertain Passengers, Including the Showing of Films/Tv Programs and Providing the Facilities For Playing Computer Games

Educational Services Namely, Providing Information In the Subjects of Art, History, General Interest Topics and Travel

Rental of Computer Game Programs and Related Toys For Entertainment and Child Amusement Purposes Providing Temporary Housing Accommodation, Catering, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe and Bar Services

Travel Agency Services, Namely, Reservations and Bookings For Temporary Lodging and Hotel Accommodation, Provision of General Purpose Facilities For Exhibitions and Conferences

Providing Meteorological Information Services

Hairdressing, Hair Cutting, Hair Styling and Beauty Salon Services

Health Care

Counseling In the Field of Health

Design of Computer Software For Others

Computer Programming For Others

Computer Consultation

Software, Hardware, Firmware and Information Technology Consultation and Design

Rental of Clothing, Rental of Electric and Electronic Goods, Namely, Rental of Computers and Computer Software

Providing Information In the Fields of Law, Information Technology, Intellectual Property and the Aforesaid Services Via the Internet From an Online Computer Database

Baggage Handling Inspections For Airlines

Information On a Wide Range of Topics

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Serial Number: 76172996
Registration Number: 2863969
Filing Date: Nov 29, 2000
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

easyGroup IP Licensing Limited

The Rotunda
42-43 Gloucester Crescent
Camden, London, Nw1 7dl GB

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