Gardeners Eden the Spirit of the Garden In All Things

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Gardeners Eden the Spirit of the Garden In All Things® is a registered trademark used for Potpourri and Sachets. Candles and Related Candle Accessories and owned by Brookstone Company, Inc. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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gardeners eden the spirit of the garden in all things
Goods and/or Services:

Potpourri and Sachets. Candles and Related Candle Accessories

Namely, Votive Candles, Tea Lights, Tapered Candles, Specialty Candles, Jarred Candles, Scented Candles, Patio Torches, Candle-Making Kits, Candle Wax, Candle Wicks, and Candle Oil Metal Goods

Namely, Wrought Iron Home Ornaments, Arbors, Trellises, Doorknockers, Copper Tubs, Metal Cache Plant Pots, Mailboxes, Fireplace Log Holders, Metal Garden Ornaments, and Metal Hose Guides and Plant Protectors Hand Tools

Namely, Shovels, Trowels, Rakes, Spades, Hoes, Garden Shears, Transplanter, Cultivator, Pruning Shears, Pot Brush, Dibble, Plant Misters, Sets of Gardening Tools

Namely, Shovels, Trowels, Spades, and Garden Shears

Fireplace Tool Sets Sold As a Unit

Sets of Tableware

Namely, Forks, Spoons, and Knives

and Flatware

Namely, Forks, Knives, and Spoons Precious Metal Candleholders

Precious Metal Candle Coasters

Precious Metal Candle Sconces

Wall Clocks

and Jewelry Namely Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets Paper Goods

Namely, Stationary, Writing Utensils, Artistic Prints, Table Placecard Holders, Drawer Liners, Pens, Pencils, Greeting Cards, Personal Journals, Folders, and Books With Blank or Lined Pages Furniture

Namely, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Accessory Tables, Lounge Chairs, Ottomans, Benches, Loveseats, Sofas, Bench Swings, Umbrella Stands, Fitted Outdoor Furniture Covers, Outdoor Furniture Cushions, Non-Sleep Pillows and Cushions, Fireplace Screens, Non-Metal Mailboxes, Coat Racks, Café Chairs, Plaques, Wall-Mounted Plant Stands, Floor-Mounted Plant Stands, Wall-Mounted Mirrors, Vanity Mirrors, Floor Mirrors, Trunks, and Cabinets House Wares and Glass Wares

Namely, Non-Metal Candleholders

Non-Metal Candle Coasters

Non-Metal Sconces

Gardening Gloves

Non-Metal Plant Potholders Plant Terrariums

Plant Pots

Plant Pot Holders



Non-Metal Baskets For Use With Plants and Flowers

Candle Snuffers




Cake Plates



Serving Trays

Sugar Jars

Salt and Pepper Shakers


Water Glasses

Wine Glasses

Champagne Glasses

Parfait Glasses

Cordial Glasses

Resin Glasses





Coffee Mugs


Bird Houses

Bird Feeders

and Watering Cans Linens and Other Textile Goods

Namely, Placemats, Tablecloths, Table Runners, Napkins, Napkin Rings, Bed Sheets, Pillow Shams, Bed Skirts, Duvet Covers, Kitchen Towels, and Hand Towels Gardening Wear, Namely, Hats, Aprons, Boots, and Clogs Artificial Flowers Floor Coverings

Namely, Doormats, Area Rugs, and Runner Rugs Agricultural Products

Namely, Live Houseplants, Live Garden Plants, Live Flowering Plants, Live Shrubs, Live Trees, Dried Floral Wreaths and Garland, Live Floral Wreaths and Garland, Bird Seed, and Live Orchids Retail Store, On-Line Retail Store, and Mail Order Services In the Fields of Gardening Tools, Indoor Furniture, Cosmetics, Cleaning Preparations, Candles, Home Furnishings, House Wares, Metal Home or Office Ornaments, Journals, Stationary, Textile Goods, Clothing, Natural and Artificial Flowers, Live Plants and Flowers, and Floor Coverings

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Serial Number: 78421636
Registration Number: 3243519
Filing Date: May 19, 2004
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

Brookstone Company, Inc

One Innovation Way
Merrimack, Nh 03054 US

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